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Does batting average bore you?
When you speak of EQA, do people think it's a postal address?
Do you believe Derek Jeter is a poor fielder?
When people argue Schilling over Santana or Beltre over Bonds, does the bile rise up to your throat?

Look no further.

Welcome to Baseball Elite, the first livejournal community devoted to the sabermetrics involved with the greatest sport on Earth. Anything and everything baseball is open for debate here (even my statement that baseball is the greatest). However, this community is one more inclined to a discussion of...more, say, in-depth baseball study. We're talking number five starters, trade deadlines, the UZR of Edgar Renteria, the MLB draft (yes, there actually is a baseball draft; amazing, I know), and such. Topics such as "Johnny Damon looks like Jesus" will not be tolerated, and rather than flamed, more than likely they will be met with icy cold silence.

But I prattle on. Here are some guidelines:

1) Flame wars will not be tolerated unless they are hilarious. In keeping with our subject, we'll use a "three strikes" policy, barring anything egregious. So don't take too many swings.

2) Please try and keep the hate speech to a minimum. By "a minimum" I mean you will be banned for using it.

3) Basic respect and courtesy rules apply. That means lj-cut your novel-length posts and pics, and please, for the love of all things holy, format your links so they don't make our eyes hurt. If you don't know how, go to the FAQ's. Remember, knowing is half the battle.

4) RBIs and wins/losses as uses for an argument will not be tolerated.

5) Although seansullivan and aloha_moira, the moderators and keepers of this community, are diehard Boston Red Sox fans, they both encourage you all to please be objective in your analysis of the game. There will be no toleration for insulting other teams and their fans with no factual basis. Baseball, like politics, is more important than silly partisanship.

6) I'm not sure this even needs to be said, but just in case... fangirling and fanboying will not be tolerated.

More rules later... this community has only been created today, Nov. 11, 2004. In the event this mini-bio is never updated, people will probably laugh and call it decidedly anachronistic. At some point we'll probably figure out what we're doing, but until then, enjoy!

* Our community icon was kindly made by the fantastic bitter___sweet. Thanks!