W. B.Sample (will_sample) wrote in baseball_elite,
W. B.Sample

Hall of Fame sideshow...

...here's a question for you baseball fans out there, and one that isn't related to steroid era players bulking up and blasting the ball out of the park.

I'll give you 2 players, and their resumes. You tell me if either one, both, or neither belong in the Hall. They play(ed) the same position. These are 'as of today' numbers

Candidate 1:

15 time All-Star. 13 Gold Gloves. 1 Silver Slugger. 2460 career hits; 1257 R; Less than 30 career HR; less than 800 career RBI; 580 SBs; .262/.337/.328 (BA/OBP/SLG) ; 1 LCS MVP; 1 WS Championship

Candidate 2:
3 time All-Star; 11 Gold Gloves; 2472 career hits; 1283 R; 73 career HR; 818 RBI; 366 SB, .276/.342/.360

Candidate 2, if he plays the 2 more years he plans to, is likely to pick up at least one more Gold Glove, and an additional 300-350 hits, 80-100 RBI, and his career BA should not dip below .275 if the last 6 years trends are even vaguely followed.

Current career numbers for 3Bs and 2Bs are virtually identical.

Both are well-liked, and well respected by fans.

Is either a clear-cut Hall of Famer?
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