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Curse of the what??

I have a theory I would like to share with everyone here......and I value the opinion of baseball fans with some intelligence, so hear me out and share your thoughts.
First and foremost......I never believed in "The Curse of the Bambino". Come to that I am not sure the Red Sox were ever cursed at all, BUT....if there was a curse, I think it would be a curse of a far more intriguing nature. I submit that, if there was a curse on the Boston Red Sox, then it was The Curse of Jackie Robinson. Let me explain.
As we all know, the Boston Red Sox (pre 2004) had last won the world series in 1918. The fact of the matter is, that the Red Sox never even got INTO the world series again until 1946....they barely made it to the playoff either. So it would seem that, would a curse to exist on the Red Sox, causing them to never win the World Series, and choke at the worst possible would have to have been sometime in the mid-40's.....say perhaps 1945. So what could possibly have happened in 1945 to cause the Red Sox to be cursed?
In the final months of 1945, four black men tried out for the Red Sox brass, and they were summarily turned down flat. Eddie Collins and Tom Yawkey, refused to give in to the "Gentleman's" Agreement that pervaded baseball at the time, disallowing black ballplayers. They could have been the first Major League basball theam to integrate, but instead, because of thier horrible ignorance, and bigotry they were the last. The Yawkey Trust was cursed to suffer for thier ignorance, and so were the Sox. It wasn't until 2005, (the first time the Red Sox 40-man roster was predominently minorities) that the Sox finally "broke the curse". of those four black men that tried out for the Red Sox, was one Jack Roosevelt Robinson, and Boston was the FIRST team he ever tried out for in the major leagues.
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