Joey Slugs (joeyslugs) wrote in baseball_elite,
Joey Slugs


Poll #594597 World Series

Your pick to win the 2005 World Series

Houston Astros
Chicago White Sox
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I just moved to Korea, so I've been slow in keeping track?

Good series, but I bet the TV networks are pissed!
i think it'll be one of the best series in quite sometime, but you are right the networks will hate it because they don't have an east coast team to pimp out.

i'm a huge lifelong sox fan and i will be upset if we don't win it all, but i won't be pissed off since houston is a great team with a great history.
Ozzie said that it's great for baseball, and I agree. There's no really no way to predict who will win, but that just makes it more fun to watch.
I hate that there's so much pressure to have teams like Boston or New York in the Series. This Series has energized two baseball towns in danger of dying out due to pure desperation, and that's FANTASTIC news for baseball. So many people just care about the short-term of television ratings, and ignore the fact that baseball needs all its franchises to be successful. And the periods of domination by one team have been the worst periods for baseball business. So while having Yankees/Red Sox every year would do great ratings in the short term, it would be awful in the long term, because fans in all the other cities would stop caring. I remember the Subway Series of 2000, which got a lot of attention and probably good ratings. But I remember thinking that I, and likely most of America, just really didn't give a damn about it and would be content to see both teams lose.