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O-Cel-O Mop Up Man of the Year

Every role deserves its own award with corporate sponsorship, right? In that spirit, I hereby propose the O-cel-o "Mop-up Man of the Year" Award, for the pitcher who pitched the most meaningless innings during the course of the season.

This year, it's a no-brainer. In a display of irrelevance for the ages, Ryan Vogelsong of the Pirates has been called upon to pitch 76.2 innings with an overall leverage of 0.36. (Leverage is a measure of how much an extra run can be expected to affect the outcome of the game, scaled so that the first batter faced of each game is 1.0.) No other pitcher in this millenium has pitched more than 60 innings with a leverage below 0.4, so let's all hear it for Ryan. Dude, this mop's for you.
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